Consultation Visits

Prof. Cassese’s cardiac surgery consultations are always based on an echocardiographic, electrocardiographic and clinical framework. In the case of post-operative "check-ups" the physician monitors the phases that follow the operation, verifying that the proper course is proceeding. In the case of a "first visit", the patient is asked to provide as much information as possible on their lifestyle (diet, smoking, physical activity, stress, etc), on any family history of heart disease, and on any other possible conditions, previous surgeries, use of drugs, etc. They are advised to keep and carry with them copies of all the clinical and diagnostic documentation. If necessary, additional specific diagnostic tests may be prescribed. The ultimate goal of the visit is to arrive at a diagnosis as quickly as possible and start the patient on the best treatment, medical and/or surgical. For information: +39 329-2424109 +39 080-5040232

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